Dishcrawl NOLA: Dining Around Freret

by Emily on April 16, 2014

The Dishcrawl group outside of Mint on Freret Street (Photo Credit:

Last Wednesday night I was lucky enough to participate in my very first Dishcrawl. I hadn’t heard of these events before our local ambassador, Michelle Mashon, contacted me and asked me to join. Not knowing what to expect, I immediately did some research, only to discover that “Dishcrawling” exists in multiple cities across the U.S.! I was instantly thrilled.

Sipping draft beer at Wayfare

The concept of Dishcrawl is to take food lovers on a walking tour to different restaurants, located all within a chosen neighborhood. The meeting location is a secret until the day before and then each restaurant is revealed while en route. It’s a fantastic way to taste dishes from great local restaurants, expose yourself to new neighborhoods, and meet lots of new people.

We began the evening at 7pm at Wayfare on Freret Street where we sampled the “Knuckle,” a sandwich of cold roast beef tossed with a horseradish dressing and topped with arugula and crispy onions on a pretzel roll, black bean arancini with cilantro lime crema, and an empanada with salmon and spinach served with a lemon dill sauce. Dude, if I could give “knuckles” to the “Knuckle,” I would. What a brilliant combination… no wonder it’s a best seller.

Aracini, Empanada and the "Knuckle" from Wayfare

Aracini, Empanada, and the "Knuckle" from Wayfare

The next stop was Midway, where we enjoyed deep dish slices of pizza and house salad. I tried a slice of the “Thunderbird” with ham, chicken, caramelized onions, and Creole aioli. I’m not usually one for deep dish pies (I prefer thin crust) but this pizza was GOOD. The onions and aioli definitely stole the show.

The "Thunderbird" pizza from Midway

Last was Mint, Freret’s one and only Vietnamese restaurant, specializing in modern renditions of the classics, as well as a full bar including special cocktails and brews on tap. Our sampler plate included all of my favorites: Lemongrass chicken bun (vermicelli), chicken wings, and spring rolls with steamed shrimp and pork. For dessert, a piece of green waffle topped with green tea ice cream.

Lemongrass Chicken Bun, Chicken Wings, and Spring Rolls at Mint

All of the food was excellent and the crowd was a really fun mix of people. My only complaint is that for the $45 price tag, I would have liked for each participating restaurant to have also provided a beverage – a small glass of beer, wine, or house cocktail – or special drink prices for the crawlers. Perhaps that’s something that can be implemented in the future…

Check out Dishcrawl NOLA’s website for information on upcoming crawls and other events. I’ll definitely be attending more of these!

Green Waffle with Green Tea Ice Cream at Mint

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