RTW In 30 Days

by Emily on October 15, 2013

Back in August, I had the tremendous privilege of filming a television show pilot with Jenny McIver, blogger, world-traveler, and career woman extraordinaire. On her blog, Round The World in 30 Days, Jenny shares tips on how she uses air miles and hotel luxury points to book lavish month-long vacations that take her across multiple countries. Her savvy travel tips are budget friendly and empowering – world travel isn’t just reserved for some, it’s attainable by everyone!

Round the World in 30 Days, the show, will highlight Jenny’s traveling tips, as well as the insider scoop from hotels and restaurants on how to sleep and eat in style without draining your wallet. And as a blogger herself, Jenny wanted to interview a local New Orleans food writer about some of the food that makes New Orleans such a unique travel (and dining) destination. She picked me!

I showed up at Antoine’s to film on a weekday afternoon without a clue as to what they were going to ask me. I was so nervous, and after filming I even had that freakout moment where I thought to myself, “OMG, what the hell did I just say?!” I knew that covering all of my favorite restaurants simply wasn’t going to happen, so I just tried to relax and answer the questions as they were asked. In the end, I’m really proud of the result. Considering it was my first time doing any type of on-camera filming, I was surprised to see that my nervousness didn’t translate on camera. Phew!

I can’t thank Jenny and her entire crew enough for this amazing opportunity and for all of their encouragement. Clearly, I’ve been a little MIA for a while but after seeing the pilot yesterday, I was instantly reminded that this is something I really love.

Click here to watch the pilot. Or, to skip to my interview, scroll to 11:18.

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