I’m In Trouble: Rivista

by Emily on July 10, 2013

After a long holiday weekend of poolside iced coffee, fried trout with homemade tartar sauce, s’mores and lemon ice box pie, and a shameful trip through the drive thru for $1 hot fudge sundaes, it’s safe to say that these past few days away from the office were more than detrimental to my waistline. But what do you do? Well, for starters you certainly don’t apologize for it. Nope. No apologies here. Instead I decided that the weekend needed to end with a major bang. The kind of bang that comes in the form of one simple word:


People have been singing Chris and Lisa Barbato’s praises for months, but now you’ve officially heard it here. This new bakery on Magazine completely lives up to the hype. We stopped in on Sunday morning for coffee and treats before hitting the gym and it was quite difficult controlling my urge to buy everything, pile it on a plate, and get black-out on baked goods.

Don’t worry, I was good and only ordered three things: a solo latte, a tomato tart, and a blueberry lemon scone. My mom got a blueberry tart and my boyfriend went classic with an iced coffee and chocolate croissant.

Chocolate croissant – Rivista uses imported European chocolate when available and it makes all the difference in the world.

The tomato tart was absolutely fantastic — sweetness from a slice of oven roasted tomato, followed by a nutty and salty bite from Parmesan and pesto, and finally, a buttery, melt in your mouth croissant-like crust. I could eat one of these every day! Perhaps not the best companion to coffee, but an absolute must try in my book.

Scones are my benchmark for rating bakeries, so I had to get one and share it with my breakfast companions. Black currant scones will always be my favorite but Rivista’s perfectly crumbly blueberry version has my vote for runner up. A subtly sweet lemon icing glazes the top and adds an extra bit of moisture to an otherwise traditionally dry pastry. I could also eat one of these everyday!

Blueberry lemon scone . Check out that perfectly golden and crunchy exterior…

Rivista also serves an incredible brunch menu from 10:30 till 2pm (weekends only) that includes poached eggs with hollandaise and pulled pork atop homemade biscuits. Or, try some of their unique salads, soups, and sandwiches that are part of their weekly lunch menu. Grilled chicken panino with almond-chipotle mayo, anyone?

As we were finishing up our coffee, a man came in the shop to pick up a box of fresh-out-the-oven cinnamon rolls. He allowed me to take this picture…

We got one to go…

Did I mention that Rivista is within walking distance from my house? Yeah, TROUBLE.

And speaking of trouble, check out this adorbs picture of Charles that my neighbor took. This is where he sits and hunts lizards.

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