Tamale for Me, Tamale for You

by Emily on February 2, 2012

I have loved Mexican food for as long as I can remember, but it was only until recently that I discovered my love for tamales. Burritos? Sure. Tacos? Hell yes. But for some reason tamales always fell last on my list of menu items that interested me. I had always associated them with being greasy and seriously unhealthy–the kind of food that doesn’t still well in or on the tummy. Well, I’m sure the greasy and seriously unhealthy variety are out there somewhere but I managed to find one that packs flavor and freshness without weighing you down.

Felipe’s Taqueria on N. Peters is one of my favorite lunch spots during the work week. I particularly like their grilled vegetable or chicken burritos, tostadas, fish tacos, and chicken tortilla soup with fresh slices of avocado and crumbled cotija cheese. But recently I was feeling a little adventurous and when I saw “pork tamale” on the menu for $2.51, I figured the price (and time) was right for trying something new.

I unwrapped the tamale from the corn husk, doctored it up with generous portions of salsa fresca, sour cream, tomatillo sauce, and fresh lime juice and then proceeded to devour the entire thing. Tender strands of seasoned and shredded pork came spilling out of the soft corn masa with each bite I took. It. Was. Awesome.

One tamale filled me up but I would imagine that most people could easily put away two, so be sure to order accordingly. And on those rainy days when a walk to Felipe’s just isn’t in the cards, I have crowned Amy’s Cheese Tamale Verde from Whole Foods as an acceptable substitute. This gluten free version comes with a cheese tamale, seasoned rice, and a verde sauce with just enough cilantro to make every bite better than the last.

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Eliana February 3, 2012 at 4:11 pm

They’ve also got all the delcious Amy’s options at the New Orleans Food Co-op over on St. Claude in the New Orleans Healing Center! And tons of other options!

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