At Last: Superior Seafood

by Emily on January 21, 2012

Attention New Orleans! The long-awaited opening of Superior Seafood has finally come! For months and months we watched the construction go on, wondering if it would ever open at all. Well, it has and it’s awesome.

I have to admit that at first I was a naysayer. “Superior Seafood?” I thought, “What, is that going to be the Landry’s of Uptown?”  Because, let’s face it, Superior Grill certainly isn’t the best or most authentic Mexican food in the city. It’s definitely not terrible, but it definitely ain’t great. So the prospect of Superior Grill having a seafood restaurant left me questioning it’s ability to be an authentic representation of what New Orleans seafood is all about. I’m happy to say they have proved me wrong. Not only did they put major thought into the layout and design of the restaurant, but the service and food are spectacular as well.

This is Superior Seafood’s first weekend being open and when my parents and I went two nights ago (a Thursday) at 7:30 pm, there was already a 40 minute wait. So if you plan on checking it out soon and don’t have a reservation, get ready to knock a few back at the bar while you wait.  The oyster bar, that is.

Forty minutes flew by as we sipped beers and Frozen Pomegranate Mojitos while the quick-handed Terry shucked some gorgeous oysters for us. He even handcrafted a cocktail sauce that was absolute perfection. $11 bought us a dozen ice cold oysters, a big smile, friendly chat, and entree suggestions. Visit Terry at the oyster bar or we can’t be friends.

{A dozen ice-cold oysters}

{Frozen Pomegranate Mojito}

We were seated in the dining room directly facing St. Charles Avenue, which has a different ambiance than the main dining room. Four and two-top tables instead of booths, wood floors instead of tile, and different (better) lighting. I imagine this will be the spot to sit during Mardi Gras.

Raw oysters already consumed, it was time to try some fried ones. We began the meal with the Angels on Horseback, which are oysters wrapped in bacon, dredged in cornmeal, and fried. Yes, yes, and yes! Served on the half-shell with a dollop of their house-made Remoulade sauce which is one-upped with the addition of jalapenos and a touch of cream. Get some, get some!

We each ordered an entree which came with a Sensation Salad of chilled Romaine, cherry tomatoes, Feta cheese, and Kalamata olives in a light lemon/olive oil dressing. Superior scored major points for using good quality cheese and serving the salads on chilled (!) salad plates. For a restaurant that’s more or less geared towards feeding the masses, having a chilled salad plate was a really nice, not to mention unexpected, fine dining touch.

Mom ordered the Pasta Selina, per Terry’s recommendation, and she really enjoyed it. Thick strands of Linguine pasta studded with a generous portion of gulf shrimp and grape tomatoes tossed in a roasted garlic basil pesto sauce. Rich and fabulous.

I ordered the Buffalo Trace Shrimp (in the header picture), which consisted of two skewers of grilled shrimp, zucchini, red onion, and peppers on top of creamy grits, Tasso corn maque choux, and a Buffalo Trace bourbon glaze on the side. A whole lotta food for $16.95 and every bit of it delicious. The shrimp and veggies had a great smoky flavor, the grits were super flavorful, and the Tasso corn maque choux brought some heat.

Dad ordered the Redfish Creole, topped with a brown butter almond beurre blanc sauce and served with Tasso corn maque choux and broiled tomatoes Rockafeller. He thoroughly enjoyed his entree and we all thought the broiled tomatoes made for an interesting side dish. And the complimentary French bread became the perfect vessel for all that leftover sauce…

So the verdict is in and Superior Seafood is, well, superior! From the valet parking, clever interior design, friendly service (shout out to our waiter Jeff!), and extensive menu of delicious and diverse offerings, I’d have to say that this seafood joint is going to be hoppin’ for a long time. Catch didn’t work, New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood Co. doesn’t have fine-dining appeal (or great food for that matter), and other Uptown gourmet restaurants lack the kind of space that S.S. exhibits. A seafood-focused restaurant is exactly what Uptown needed and I think this particular one, as long as they maintain the high standards they’re currently setting, will continue to attract both locals and tourists alike. And you can bet your bottom now that come Saints football season, between the icy oysters, awesome happy hour*, and 18 Samsung hi-def televisions, this just might be the new hottest spot to watch the game. Sorry, Cooter Brown’s.

*Superior Seafood currently offers Happy Hour daily from 4-6pm and Wed-Sat from 10pm-till. See their menu for details.

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