Tasty Resolutions

by Emily on January 13, 2012

Every time a new year rolls around I (along with the rest of America) feel compelled to come up with a resolution. There’s just something about that life-changing epiphany, the “That’s it!” moment where you decide that if you could just do or give up this one thing, the next year of your life will be better. But for myself and many other Americans, New Year’s resolutions almost always fall by the wayside. And I’m not talking about 5, 6, or even 7 months later, you accidentally eat fried food, have that cigarette, or forget to make your bed. I’m mean that by January 8th you’re back to all your bad habits, forgetting your life-changing resolution, and saying to yourself “Eh, I’ll do it next year”.

Well, that might always be the case for many people but no longer for me. In 2011, I made a conscious effort to respect my food, a resolution I believe I have carried out with flying colors. I have lost 8 pounds, am eating less, making healthier choices, and have learned to slow down and really taste what I’m eating — a novel idea for anyone who loves to eat, cook, and surround themselves with others who enjoy the same. So, considering that for the past year I’ve really been paying attention to what I’ve been eating, this year (in addition to my more philosophical resolution) I have decided to give up something that I know I would get along better without — beef. Yes, you read that correctly. Say g’day to steak.

How will a food-loving gal survive in the world without being able to eat beef, you ask? Simple. I live in New Orleans, where the fresh fish trumps the filet mignon any day. I just simply don’t need or desire it. Bacon, on the other hand, I would willingly cuddle at night. Don’t worry, friends, I will never give up bacon.

And why be sad about not eating beef when I can go to places like The Company Burger and have a perfectly flavorful turkey burger with tomato jam, green goddess dressing, and arugula? I may have been the only person at the table who ordered a non-beef burger but I certainly didn’t feel like I was missing out. So far my resolution has been easy to stick to and simple substitutions can be made in order for me to enjoy all my favorite dishes. “Moo”ving forward, 2012 will be utterly delicious, I just know it.

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Kacie January 13, 2012 at 5:17 pm

As long as your swapping turkey for beef in your burgers, let me recommend the turkey burger at Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar…it’s great!

Emily January 16, 2012 at 9:21 am

Good to know, thanks!

Steve January 17, 2012 at 6:04 am

So you give up red meat; we buy a cow. Thanks for making us feel lesser.

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