Meatless Mondays: Truburger

by Emily on September 5, 2011

After almost an entire week of rain and gray skies, Tropical Storm Lee is finally beginning to pass. Rainy weather seems to always put me in a major funk, so to beat the bad weather blues my mom and I braved the puddles yesterday to have burgers, followed by an afternoon showing of “The Help” at Prytania Theater.

With so many burger joints to choose from these days, I opted for the one where I could go meatless, which left Truburger on Oak Street as my #1 option. Truburger does a house-made veggie burger that consists of brown rice, beans, and beets formed into a fat patty and fried to perfection. To make my veggies taste even more decadent, I had them add cheddar cheese, grilled onions (which were more like caramelized onions), and a fried egg. The burger itself reminded me a lot of the one I had here not too long ago, but the addition of all those extra goodies (especially the onions) made this taste anything but healthy. But, hey, vegetarians have to indulge themselves every once in a while, too. Right?

Aside from the less-than-enthusiastic girl who rang us up for our food, Truburger is doing a few things better than others. For one, their fries are THE BOMB. Then again, give me a basket of shoe-string french fries studded with big flakes of sea salt over thick-cut steak fries any day. It’s just my preference. Second, the strawberry milkshake my mom and I shared was delicious–thick, creamy, and full of big chunks of strawberries. And the bubble tea super-wide straw was a thoughtful touch, making it easy to sip and savor without having to make the cheek-numbing “fish face.” Finally, Truburger has something called “Tru Sauce,” which is a delicious blend of Worcestershire sauce and something else (honey, perhaps?) to simultaneously sweeten and thicken. Either way, this sauce was unique and I liked it a lot, especially with the fries.

The Company Burger may have had me at “pork belly corndog” but Truburger is most definitely my new spot for a delicious veggie burger and/or milkshake. What one place doesn’t make well or not at all, another place can and will–making the New Orleans food scene an ever-evolving blend of creativity and worldly flavors. MVB and Company Burger don’t make veggie burgers and that’s fine, but I’m glad Truburger took note and came up with the cure. I know that one single burger joint simply can’t have it all, but, luckily, in New Orleans, we can.

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