The Past Is Present: The Company Burger

by Emily on August 25, 2011

When it comes to summer eats, nothing quite beats a great burger. New Orleans has institutions (such as here and here) that have been serving up fantastic burgers for years and years, but recently The Big Easy has had somewhat of a higher demand for the American diet staple. From MVB‘s weekly burger creations in the Garden District, to Tru Burger‘s ode to the classics on Oak Street, it seems as though that quintessential smell of summer has been wafting through the air a lot more lately. And who’s to complain?

You certainly won’t get any complaints from this girl, because if there’s one thing I won’t sacrifice in life, it’s a delicious, juicy cheeseburger. There’s simply no comparison, and, frankly, sometimes you just have to forget healthy for a hot second and take a bite. A really big bite. Which is why when The Company Burger opened up on Freret Street last week, I made sure to drag two of my girlfriends along to try it out.

Located at 4600 Freret Street, The Company Burger has a pretty sweet set-up. Not only do they have a parking lot (if you’re from the city, you understand what a rarity this is, especially Uptown) but their industrial-styled space is open, spacious, and perfect for group burger therapy sessions. Of course, what the place looks like and how it operates are two completely different things. Chef Adam Biderman’s whole idea behind opening The Company Burger is to provide New Orleanians with the opportunity to enjoy delicious hamburgers in a modern day setting, but have them taste the way they would have 50+ years ago. Just about everything offered on the menu is made in house–from the onion rings, to the bread and butter pickles, to the many varieties of gourmet mayonnaise–and the meat is ground fresh everyday. Burgers come topped with good old American cheese and are sandwiched between buns that are delivered fresh every morning from Weiss Guy’s Bakery. Aside from the classics, some unique menu items include a lamb burger (served with local feta, housemade basil mayo, red onions, and a chili mint glaze) and a Hand-dipped Iverstine Farms pork belly corndog, which is prepared sous-vide for 18 delectable hours. Wash any of that down with one (or two) of The Company Burger’s proper selection of beers or cocktails and you’ve got yourself an all-American meal that’s totally worth the splurge.

Tempted as I was to try the pork belly corndog, I stuck with what I was there for and ordered “The Single,” but made sure to add a fried yard egg and bacon, you know, to fancy it up a bit. A side of fries and a bottled Barq’s root beer completed my meal, and, I gotta say, everything was pretty damn good. The meat was juicy and flavorful, the yard egg buttery and crisp along the edges, and the bacon, well, I think we all know how good bacon is. My only complaint is that the bun was slightly chewy, but, at the same time, stood up very well against my insanely stuffed (and juicy) sandwich. Cause there’s nothing quite like a soggy hamburger bun to completely ruin the whole burger eating experience…

My girlfriends and I really enjoyed our first trip to The Company Burger, and the next time I hit it up I’m definitely getting that pork belly corndog with some onion rings on the side. Sure, it might not be dietetic, balanced, or heart-smart, but like I said earlier, sometimes you just have to dive in and take a bite.

*The Company Burger is currently open for lunch and dinner every day of the week except Tuesdays.

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