A Cool Idea: Coffee + Cardamom

by Emily on August 9, 2011

Nothing quite compares to the misery that the month of August brings to New Orleans. The rainy weather and intense heat causes tourism to slow down and locals to stay indoors.  Simple, pleasurable tasks such as walking the dog–or even just walking to your car–become daunting. And cooking dinner becomes less of an expression of love and more of a test of endurance, considering it’s impossible to stay cool over a hot stove, fiery grill, or a 300+ degree oven.

So in order to stay cool while satisfying that craving for something sweet, many New Orleanians turn to snoball stands to relieve some of the sultry afternoon stress.

Hansen’s Sno-Bliz is my self-professed favorite of all the snoball stands–and for good reason. I find that their all natural flavor choices (such as vanilla bean, satsuma, and ginger) can satisfy those with even the most distinguished of palates, re-defining this icy treat as not just “kid food,” but real gourmet goodness.

Recently the owner of Hansen’s stopped into my workplace and we got to talking about some of her favorite flavor combinations. I mentioned that I wanted to try the cream of coffee with condensed milk on top and she suggested that the next time I visit, to not only try that but to also try half cream of coffee and half cardamom. I was intrigued…

Needless to say, I went recently and ordered “dollar-fifty” cups of each. The cream of coffee with condensed milk was sweet and rich, with a velvety mouth-feel that had me thinking I was eating actual ice cream and not shaved ice. The cream of coffee and cardamom was my favorite, however, since not only was it less rich and filling, but the flavors were much more interesting. My friend and I agreed that it tasted a lot like Chai tea, which tastes clean, spicy, and sweet all at the same time.

Per the usual, the Beagle dog got a taste of both snoballs. And although she didn’t tell me which one she liked best, I think it’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong either way. Just please don’t follow suit and lick it off the ground if you happen to spill some, as tempted as you may be.

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