“Dressed” to Impress: Mahony’s

by Emily on May 7, 2010

Ever since the oil leak started in the Gulf of Mexico, I have been consistently worried about the livelihood of our hard-working fisherman, the surrounding wildlife, and whether or not the Gulf coast would see a shortage of seafood.  I don’t really know what I will do if this happens, considering that I eat seafood at least three or four times a week and my favorite dishes at most restaurants contain either fish, shrimp, or oysters.  I am trying to remain confident that they can get this mess cleaned up soon so our fishing industries won’t have to suffer too badly.  But just in case the oyster supply ceases in the near future, I decided to go ahead and treat myself this week to a fried oyster po-boy.

Just down the block from us is Mahoney’s Po-Boy Shop, located on Magazine, between Aline and Delachaise Streets. It opened in 2008 and has already won 2 awards at the New Orleans Po-Boy Preservation Festival.  In 2008 the “Peacemaker” (fried oysters, cheddar cheese & bacon) won for Best Classic Fried Po-Boy, and their Chicken Liver Po-Boy with Creole Slaw won in 2009 for Best Specialty, Non-Seafood Po-Boy.  Aside from their award-winning po-boys, I particularly enjoy the Grilled shrimp, Fried Green Tomato & Remoulade po-boy, Roast Beef with Gravy po-boy, and, of course, their traditional fried shrimp and fried oyster po-boys.  I always order a side of either fried green tomatoes or onion strings and an ice cold Barq’s rootbeer to wash it all down.

The wait is usually long and the prices aren’t cheap, but that’s pretty much the norm at any po-boy shop.  Good places make your food to order, which guarantees hot, fresh ingredients piled high on top of your toasted Leidenheimer bread.  So don’t complain, just drink some beer, watch the game, make some friends, and before you know it you’ll be chowing down on the sandwich that makes New Orleans go ’round.

Po-Boy Festival Award winning menu

Fried green tomato wedges with remoulade dipping sauce

Cornmeal fried oyster po-boy, dressed with lettuce, tomato, & pickles

Mahoney’s is a great place to watch the Saints dominate!

Grab a seat at one of their outside tables to enjoy some fresh air with your hot po-boy and cold beer

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